Essential information before you arrive with Perseverance.

Welcome to the Perseverance Validator Docs.

This is the one and only official guide for setting up your Perseverance Chainflip Validator. This site is officially maintained by the Chainflip team. For general information about the Chainflip protocol, we strongly recommend checking out the concept docs at

Hold Up

Before following any of the steps in this guide, be sure to read it all thoroughly.


Running a Chainflip Validator node is not for the faint of heart.
Chainflip is a system which relies on its Validators being responsive and competent hardware operators. Chainflip is not responsible for any negative externalities that arise due to your participation in the network.
Also, there is no $FLIP airdrop for just running a testnet node. If that is your only goal, *do not* participate in this testnet.

Validator Responsibilities

As a Validator, you are responsible for keeping your software up to date and ensuring that it is running at all times. Network or hardware outages will almost certainly result in your tFLIP stake being slashed. Slashed tFLIP is gone forever. You may have all of your stake slashed.
Chainflip will announce on official channels when there is a software update required for Validators, and we implore Validators to check these channels regularly. We may have no way of getting in touch with Validators directly, so it is your responsibility to monitor for updates. Validators who do not keep their software up to date may be slashed.
We will endeavour to do our best to assist you with running the Validator software (the best place to get help is Discord), but you and only you are responsible for this machine and what happens to your funds. Chainflip is not liable for any damages incurred to you by running the Validator software.