Common Problems

Why am I still offline?!
Once we know what the common problems are, we'll update this page so you can easily troubleshoot your node. Until then, head to the next page to help us figure out what's inevitably going wrong!

How does this page work?

This page is designed to help you fix all of your problems on your own!
First of all you need dump the last few 100 logs from your terminal.
tail /var/log/chainflip-*
In order to quickly understand your issue, please first check if your log output resembles any of these.

Not Staked

You will see this log before the Chainflip network witnesses that you staked to the network. Once you have successfully staked, it can take a while for the network to register it. Your node might appear Offline until then.


{"tag":"","msg":"Your Chainflip account cFNugEinCy5Zxv44B4o8uU4PSigKmmzdUYabbZbfNjAAZx18a is not staked. WAITING for account to be staked at block: 143222","level":"warn","ts":"2022-11-18T09:45:37.474214013+00:00","component":"StateChainConnector"}


Please make sure you followed all the steps outlined in Bidding & Staking.
If after 30 minutes your engine is still not online, try restart your engine sudo systemctl restart chainflip-engine.

Incorrectly configured the ETH RPC

This can have a number of possible issues.


{"tag":"","msg":"Connecting new HTTP web3 client to https://eth****","level":"debug","ts":"2022-11-18T09:25:21.576142234+00:00","component":"Eth-DualRpcClient"}
Error: Failed to create EthDualRpcClient
Caused by:
Inconsistent chain configuration. Terminating.Expected ETH chain id 5, received 1 through WebSocket., Expected ETH chain id 5, received 1 through HTTP.


You have not selected the correct Ethereum network. In this case, you have selected mainnet. The Chainflip network uses Görli. Please reread Pointing to the Ethereum Client.


{"tag":"","msg":"Connecting new WebSocket web3 client to wss://eth****","level":"debug","ts":"2022-11-18T10:09:02.643481895+00:00","component":"Eth-DualRpcClient"}
Error: Failed to create EthDualRpcClient
Caused by:
0: Failed to create EthWsRpcClient
1: Error: 'web3::transports::WebSocket::new(&eth_settings.ws_node_endpoint).await' with type 'core::result::Result<web3::transports::ws::WebSocket, web3::error::Error>' failed at
2: code 401


You have entered your RPC endpoint in incorrectly. Please make sure you copy it over without any mistakes.


{"tag":"","msg":"Connecting new WebSocket web3 client to wss://SOM****","level":"debug","ts":"2022-11-18T10:14:58.473000904+00:00","component":"Eth-DualRpcClient"}
Error: Failed to create EthDualRpcClient
Caused by:
0: Failed to create EthWsRpcClient
1: Error: 'web3::transports::WebSocket::new(&eth_settings.ws_node_endpoint).await' with type 'core::result::Result<web3::transports::ws::WebSocket, web3::error::Error>' failed at
2: Ssl(Error { code: ErrorCode(1), cause: Some(Ssl(ErrorStack([Error { code: 337047686, library: "SSL routines", function: "tls_process_server_certificate", reason: "certificate verify failed", file: "../ssl/statem/statem_clnt.c", line: 1913 }]))) }, X509VerifyResult { code: 62, error: "Hostname mismatch" })


You have copied the chainflip-engine config without changing any of the values! Please re-read the steps in Configuration File. You need to make that you use the URL from your Ethereum Client. Pointing to the Ethereum Client.

Staking app confusion

I'm still Offline

Likely you haven't completed all the steps. Please start from Generating Keysand work your way very slowly, making sure you have read everything.
It can be, that you did not successfully submit the chainflip-cli commands. Please run all the commands in Registering Validator Keys.

How can I be Active - Online

You need to wait until the next Rotation. Make sure your node is in the Backup - Online mode.
For example, if you're in Backup - Online, you would be included in the next rotation in 57m.

Why am I Active - Offline?

Your engine has stopped submitting Hearbeats. This means either your node, your engine or both have crashed or are misconfigured.
Verify this with:
sudo systemctl status chainflip-node
sudo systemctl status chainflip-engine
Now check the logs:
tail -f /var/log/chainflip-*

You did not use Ubuntu 20.04

Don't say we didn't warn you!
A workaround this is trying to install the following package:
echo "deb focal-security main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/focal-security.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libssl1.1

Ethereum Keyfile Error

thread 'main' panicked at 'called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: Failed to decode Ethereum Private Key file at /root/chainflip/ethereum_key_file
This is due to your key likely either having 0x on the front, or having a newline at the end. You can use nano to edit the file. Make sure to include the -L argument, otherwise nano will save the file with a new line at the end! Make sure that you replace /path/to/ethereum_key_file with the correct file path on your system.
nano -L /path/to/ethereum_key_file

Node Locks Up - Logs Too Big

Because we didn't cap the size of the log files yet, you may need to use this command to delete them once in a while so they don't completely fill up your validator
rm /var/log/chainflip-engine*
rm /var/log/chainflip-node*

Your validator wallet is out of gETH

This is a very common problem if you have joined the network early. Make sure you have at least 0.1 gETH at all time in your validator's wallet. Otherwise you'll fail to submit transactions to the Ethereum network.

It still doesn't work?

Follow instructions under Submitting an Issue.
Please do this step before raising an issue on Discord. It makes our lives much much easier.