Default Filepaths & Ports

Here's a quick reference guide to help you quickly locate where things are by default in the software, or where we suggested in these docs:
-Chainflip Engine-
Default Binary Path: /usr/bin/chainflip-engine
Default Config: /etc/chainflip/config/Default.toml
Service File: /lib/systemd/system/chainflip-engine.service
Ethereum Key: /etc/chainflip/keys/ethereum_key_file
Log File: /var/log/chainflip-engine.log
-Chainflip Node-
Default Binary Path: /usr/bin/chainflip-node
Service File: /lib/systemd/system/chainflip-node.service
Subkey Key: /etc/chainflip/keys/signing_key_file
Node p2p Key: /etc/chainflip/keys/node_key_file
Log File: /var/log/chainflip-engine.log
Default P2P Port: 30333 (TCP)
Default Dicovery Port: 8078 (TCP)