Withdrawing & Retiring

You wouldn't, would you?
You can withdraw excess funds from the minimum active bid while an auction isn't running. You can also retire your node at any time an auction isn't running. Unlike withdrawing, un-staking will take your node and all of the staked tFLIP out.

Retiring from Auctions

To end your participation in auctions, use the Chainflip CLI.
sudo chainflip-cli \
--config-path /etc/chainflip/config/Default.toml \
This will then exclude you from the next auction. You will have all remaining tFLIP credited to your balance upon conclusion of the final auction. You will still need to follow the next steps to claim them.

Withdrawing your tFLIP

Due to limitations on the frontend, withdrawing all your tFLIP will error and the transaction won't go through. A workaround is to withdraw 15 tFLIP less than the total amount you have staked.
To withdraw your tFLIP from the system, Validators are required to use the claims process. This is a multi-step process which requires interaction with both the Chainflip CLI and the Staking App.
Firstly, you must request the claim certificate, this is a signature generated by the Validators which entitles you to withdraw tFLIP from the Staking Contract on Ethereum. You can request the claim certificate via the Chainflip CLI, once again navigating to the correct folder with the binary.
sudo chainflip-cli \
--config-path /etc/chainflip/config/Default.toml \
Where FLIP_AMOUNT is the amount of tFLIP that you would like to withdraw, like 1000, and where ETH_ADDRESS is the ETH address where you would like to receive your tFLIP.
Once you have requested the certificate, proceed to the Staking App. The claim should automagically appear here, where you will be able to continue with the process.