Perseverance Documentation

Recover Private Keys

We told you to make a copy, but you insisted not to 🤷‍♂️
⛔️ All the information you get back when running any of the commands below is private sensitive data. Do not share it with anyone. ⛔️
Whoever has access to these keys can take all your staked tFLIP.
You should always have a copy of all your keys somewhere safe outside the Server on which the node is running.
If for whatever reason you lost your keys but still have access to your server, don't freak out (yet).
You can run some magical commands to get the keys.

Getting Node ID

The following command will return the Node ID of your validator node:
sudo chainflip-node key inspect-node-key --file /etc/chainflip/keys/node_key_file

Getting The Secret Seed

This command will return the private key of your node and other keys. DO NOT share this with anyone.
Chainflip will never ask you to reveal these keys under any circumstances.
To get your Secret Seed that was used to generate your signing key, run the following command:
chainflip-node key inspect "0x$(sudo cat /etc/chainflip/keys/signing_key_file)"
The output will look like this:
Secret Key URI `0x` is account:
Network ID: 2112
Secret seed: <YOUR SECRET SEED> # <-- Don't shate it with anyone
Public key (hex): 0x1803aecb4e11790e73f775206836f25b4348a3290a190319b4b075d9ccbd6349
Account ID: 0x1803aecb4e11790e73f775206836f25b4348a3290a190319b4b075d9ccbd6349
Public key (SS58): cFJQy58CJKJhNCBnV89qQhcQYQSgC6cg8dGWiTJb8xqWsMyQ3
SS58 Address: cFJQy58CJKJhNCBnV89qQhcQYQSgC6cg8dGWiTJb8xqWsMyQ3