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This is the official documentation for Chainflip, a cross-chain decentralised exchange, based on a proof-of-stake validator network, that uses highly efficient threshold signing schemes and a unique AMM design to offer users a maximally efficient and low friction method to trade digital assets in a totally decentralised system.

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Chainflip’s Vision

As the crypto space is going through rapid evolution, It is increasingly evident that the value proposition for cross chain activity is becoming more prominent. We as Chainflip have a vision of becoming one of the key solutions to the complexity & non triviality of swapping between L1 crypto assets. We view the following attributes & metrics as important to achieving that goal:

Generalised Cross-Chain Capability: Provide users with a permissionless method to swap assets between arbitrary chains and networks (L1, L2, etc) without introducing new wrapped assets, liquidity fragmentation, leaving users with tail risk, or excessive confirmation times.

Decentralisation: Maintain credible decentralisation, audited open-source software, and transparent network operation from the very beginning.

Useful Product: Offer extremely accurate pricing and minimise slippage to make the protocol competitive within the current swapping protocol market, in addition to focusing on the user experience and providing value to end-users.

Composability: Engineer the protocol such that it can be easily utilised by wallets, aggregators, and other products to bring their users greater functionality, who in turn become users of the protocol by proxy.

Sustained Value Capture: The protocol should be self-sustaining if enough users want to use the product without artificial incentives. The protocol should channel value from generated fees into the FLIP token and distribute it among token holders, while also compensating for any incentives offered.

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