Liquidity Provisioning
Chainflip Account


In order to use your Chainflip account, you need to fund it.

Fund and redeem via State Chain Gateway

As explained in the State Chain Overview, the StateChainGateway contract has two main entry points for those looking to interact with the protocol:

  1. Funding a State Chain account with $FLIP tokens
  2. Redeeming $FLIP tokens from a State Chain account

Funding a State Chain account

Users can fund a State Chain account by making a smart contract call and providing an amount of $FLIP to be locked in the contract. Tokens need to be approved first by the user to be transferred by the contract.

ParamDescriptionData type
nodeID`ChainflipAccountID` (a hex representation of a substrate SS58 encoded public key) of the account to fund.bytes32
amountAmount of $FLIP tokens to fund. The amount needs to be higher than the minimum funding amount, set to 1 $FLIP as of now.uint256
    function fundStateChainAccount(bytes32 nodeID, uint256 amount) external;