Advanced Account Management

Advanced Account Management

These are some features that advanced operators should be aware of.

Redeem Address Binding

Any account may be explicitly bound to a single redemption address. Henceforth, any redemption request from that account can only redeem to this exact address.

Note, address binding is a one-off irreversible operation.


The account cFc00Ld00d is bound to the redeem address 0xdeadbeef. This was a bad idea since it's unlikely that cFc00Ld00d knows the private key for 0xdeadbeef, so his or her funds are effectively permanently locked. Do not do this.


A liquid staking provider wants to allow users to pool their tFLIP through a smart contract on Ethereum, to then fund a validator account. They bind their validator account to the smart contract address. This binding is permanent and irrevocable, so users can now rest assured that there is no way the pooled funds can be redeemed to any other address.

In order to bind a redemption address, use the chainflip-cli. Log on to the node that contains the keys to the account for which you want to bind a redemption address.

In order to check if the account is currently bound to a redemption address:

chainflip-cli get-bound-redeem-address

In order to permanently bind a redeem address:

chainflip-cli bind-redeem-address <ETH_ADDRESS>

Redemption Execution Address Binding

Note: At the time of writing, executor binding via the CLI is not yet supported on Perseverance network. This feature is planned for release as of version 1.0.0.

Similar to the above, redemptions can be restricted such that only a single specific Ethereum address can be the executor of a redemption.

In order to bind an executor address, proceed as above using the chainflip-cli.

Query for any currently bound address like so:

chainflip-cli get-bound-executor-address

In order to permanently bind an executor address:

chainflip-cli bind-executor-address <ETH_ADDRESS>

Now, if you want to redeem, you must explicitly provide this address as the executor:

chainflip-cli redeem --exact 15314 <REDEEM_ADDRESS> <EXECUTOR_ADDRESS>