Chainflip Account
Broker Role

Broker Role

Brokers forward users' swap requests to the network, paying transaction fees on their behalf and potentially taking a commission for each swap. Successful brokers need to provide and market a swapping interface and ensure they are resistant to spam attacks. See our section on brokers for further information.

Brokers need to register their account for the Broker role to gain access to swap-related functionality.

chainflip-cli broker register

Once registered, the account will have full access to broker-related actions through the Broker API.

In order to be able to redeem all remaining FLIP, Broker accounts must deregister. As a pre-requisite for deregistering, Brokers must ensure they have withdrawn all of their earned commission fees. Once this is done, the Broker API can be switched off and the account deregistered via the CLI:

chainflip-cli broker deregister