Javascript SDK
Get channel opening fees

Get channel opening fees


Returns the fee in Flipperino required to open a deposit channel for a chain.

export type ChainMap<T> = {
  Bitcoin: T;
  Ethereum: T;
  Polkadot: T;
  Arbitrum: T;
class SwapSDK {
  getChannelOpeningFees(): Promise<ChainMap<bigint>>;

When a broker opens a swap deposit channel, there is a fee that must be paid from the $FLIP balance of the account on the State Chain. The fee is measured in Flipperino which is the smallest unit of $FLIP (1 $FLIP = 10^18 Flipperino). This fee is determined per chain.


console.log(await swapSDK.getChannelOpeningFees());

Sample Response

  Bitcoin: 0n,
  Ethereum: 0n,
  Polkadot: 0n,
  Arbitrum: 0n,