Quick Start

Quick Start

To quickly get started on Chainflip, follow the Development Scenario below. Once you are ready to go live, make sure to proceed with the Production Scenario steps.

Development-Only Scenario

This quick scenario is useful for a development environment. It is not advised for production!

A fast way to start developing is by swapping via the main Chainflip Broker. This prevents you from earning any fees and is subject to imposed rate limits.

Keep in mind this is for development use only, proceed with the Production Scenario when going live!

1. Use the JS SDK & open a deposit channel

Directly use our Javascript SDK with the default configuration to make use of the Chainflip broker:

2. Sending funds to swap

By opening a deposit channel, the protocol generates a deposit address with an expiration time. Send funds to the deposit address and watch the Chainflip magic happen!

Production Scenario

1. Understanding the protocol

To get you in the best position to work with Chainflip it is useful to have a little bit of knowledge on how the system works. Take a look at the following to understand the moving parts:

2. Creating your Broker account

The first practical step to get started is to get your Chainflip Account up and running. In order to do this you need to:

3. Running the Broker API

Once you have your Broker account, it's time to get the Broker API running in order to communicate with the Chainflip network. There are two main ways to do this:

4. Use the JS SDK to open deposit channels

Now that you have a running Broker API, you are ready to use our Javascript SDK. Be sure to change the default broker configuration to point to your Broker API, and set a desired commission:

5. Sending funds to swap

After having opened a deposit channel and having requested a deposit address, it is time to send funds to the deposit address and watch the Chainflip magic happen!